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  • Which rums will I get to try in the box?
    We work with a variety of amazing craft, premium and emerging rum brands, spanning all types of rum - white, golden, dark, overproof, and spiced or flavoured. You won't know which rums are in your box until you scan their QR codes to reveal them.
  • Can I choose which rums I receive?
    No, the contents of the box is a mystery until you scan the pouch! We won't send you the same rum twice, so RumMatch can learn your preferences and develop your recommendations.
  • Why are my pouches different to my friend's this month?
    Your subscription pouches will be different to someone else's in any given month. This helps us to bring you as many different rum brands as possible. Don't worry, we won't send you the same taster pouch twice.
  • Can I buy a membership as a gift?
    Absolutely! It's easiest to buy a gift voucher for the value of the membership, so the recipient can setup an account with their own credentials. Email us at and we can sort this out for you.
  • How does RumMatch work?
    RumMatch is our unique AI recommendation engine. It works by profiling what you like about the rums you try, which it learns every time you send us your pouch feedback. Once you have logged feedback for 6 rums, you'll see your top 3 recommended rums available to buy as a bottle. This is unique to your feedback and preferences, and will adapt and refine over time as you send more pouch feedback. We've developed RumMatch to make recommendations from affordable rums available in the UK from over 100 rum producers, so it is fair and impartial. RumMatch does not use your personal demographic information to refine your recommendations.
  • If I like one of the rums you send me, how do I buy a bottle?
    You have access to our Bottle Shop within your membership account. This Bottle Shop is for members only, so we can give you exclusive pricing, as well as access to rums you may not be able to buy elsewhere.
  • How do I get access to the Bottle Shop?
    Only Rum Rover subscribers can access the Bottle Shop, for exclusive rum availability and members-only pricing. If your subscription is cancelled, you won't be able to access the Bottle Shop any more.
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