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Dark Drop Rum is a combination of two marques; both admirably centred around molasses and fermented with the DropWorks exclusive, world-first Wild Trinity Yeast, but both with their own distinct personality and flavours. This Drop is made right here, in Britain, at the DropWorks Rum Distillery in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.


Dark Drop Rum is a super soft twice pot-distilled Dark Rum. It is a collision of tradition and innovation and a decadent blend of two rich molasses-based distillations to celebrate Rum’s finest ingredient: sugar cane molasses!

As always, DropWorks has deconstructed the category to reconstruct a recipe for the modern Rum drinker to enjoy. One that has not been seen anywhere before! Yes that’s right – another exclusive tastebud experience from DropWorks.


Expect tongue-tickling sweetness; bursting with SO. MUCH. BLACKCURRANT as well as all the liquorice and star anise notes you would expect from a molasses-based masterpiece!


Mix up a storm with Dark Drop Rum using lashings of ginger beer, stir down in an old fashioned or shake up in an espresso rumtini. Dark Drop lights up any drink.



40% ABV

Dropworks Dark Drop


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